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Cancer Patient Navigation

Conceived in 1990 by Dr. Harold Freeman in Harlem, NY, Cancer Patient Navigation

focuses on identifying and removing barriers to timely access to care.

Those barriers include:

Systemic Barriers such as Financial and Access to Care, Insurance

Navigating the Medical System

Communication & Information

Resources for Comfort Care during treatment

Fear, Distrust, Emotional Barriers

How Does Cancer Patient Navigation Work?

We are a team of Certified Cancer Patient Navigators

All appointments are private. The first consultation can take between 1-2 hours.

We are not a substitute for your healthcare team; we act as a partner to them by helping you remove barriers to care.

We'll talk about your diagnosis and any concerns you have.

We'll review your treatment plan with you and help identify and locate those resources you need that may interfere with receiving timely access to care.

Do Navigators Only Help People With Cancer?

We help people find screening, such as Mammograms, PSA, and Colorectal diagnostics for early detection of cancers.

Caregivers and families of people at any stage of cancer are often the invisible patients and may need our help.

Anyone who wants to learn more about cancers can use our digital and paper libraries.

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